Pavel Sapík

Executive Chef, Mr. Pavel Sapík, and his team creates almost alchemic masterpieces in the kitchen. Pavel was born in 1975 to a family of talented chefs with years of experience. According to record, Pavel Sapík's family comes from Southern Moravia and have worked as inn-keepers and butchers since the 17th century.

His childhood was spent cooking and the kitchen was, and still is, his playground. He has perfected his art on various study visits in Austria, France, Italy, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany.

Pavel Sapík and his team


Once he had finished working for the national team,
he and his team began working more intensively on the name and quality of the Terasa U Zlaté studně Restaurant
where he has been working since 2003.

Pavel Sapík and his team have achieved great success. Here is a list of their most significant achievements:

  • 2019 ‐ Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant 2019 – 1st place Overall ranking
  • 2015 ‐ Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant 2015 – 1st place Overall ranking
  • 2014 ‐ Maurerův nezávislý průvodce Grand Restaurant 2012 – 1st place Overall ranking
  • }
  • 2014 ‐ Michelin Guide Red Forks & Spoons
  • 2012 ‐ Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant (Independent guide) – 1st place Overall ranking


We are a stable team of professionals, who never give up and place high demands on ourselves and our surroundings. Our restaurant is a place that has a great deal to teach you and which will make you want to do more and to do things better. It is a place where your hard work, desire to improve and career growth will be duly rewarded and supported by your colleagues and supervisors.

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